It was a week after the incident ended. 

“This place will disappear tomorrow. I wondered if this planet is ready to accommodate the influx of extraterrestrials visiting here,” Bodoh and Zrevix were seen having tea in a coffee shop,”

“Yep. The days of Cross Rumble Arena and Rookie Gauntlet Coliseum will soon over. What is the new game called?”

“Gylfran Phantalleum Arena. You should know this better, Bodoh,”

“I don’t get used to the new name. By the way, do you transfer your profile over?”

“Of course,”

“Good. By the way, Kilrea and Vorota are late….”

“Hey, are you two secretly dating while waiting for us?” Kilrea stared at Zrevix sharply.

“No. I suspect that you two are the ones who date and forgot this meeting,” Zrevix sipped her cup of tea.

“Let’s cut this crap already. We are here for serious business, you know,” Vorota dragged Kilrea away. The two sat down on the chairs. They are the only customers inside the empty shop. Sitting at the back corner, the four of them were barely visible from the shop’s entrance.

“I’ll get this straight. You two are now officially have your race changed. The Trans Galactic Treaty considers this a serious matter and demanded me to explain this to the officers,”

“The gods forcibly maintained our god forms, saying that the history of the modern gods will disappear if they don’t do anything about it. We are now half-divilnea and it was said that half-divinea can produce divinea offsprings. As far as I concerned, there are complains that there are people of various races had their features changed over night,” Kilrea said.

“With the gods being sent to hell, it’s hard to them to explain things to the officers directly from them. In fact, they lost their god forms permanently,” Vorota said.

“I think I know how to deal with this. This sort of incident, called unexplained race lift happens in other planets as well. By the way, do you start playing Gylfran Phantalleum Arena?” Bodoh said.

“Of course. By the way, did you heard a game called Free Reign Arena?” Vorota said.

“I know. That game used to be called Vacation Ruin Online, but Free Reign Arena has maps that exist in Vacation Ruin Online anyway,” Bodoh said.

“In fact, we are accepted to join the first tournament ever in Gylfran Phantalleum Arena: Free Reign Challenge Cup. The winner gets a free plane migration pass,” Zrevix added.

“That’s insane. The officials are willing to use it to draw interest of gamers,” Kilrea suddenly coughed.

“With that, anyone can permanently migrate to other planes of existence. Wish you good luck then,” Vorota added.

“Thanks a lot. Don’t forget to send us wedding invitations when you two get married!” Zrevix giggled.

“Of course. In fact, we both agreed that we will marry right at the day Gylfran Phantalleum Arena is officially opened. Currently, it is under open beta testing. The tournament starts a month from now, isn’t it?” Kilrea said.

“Yep. We’ll be training a lot for it. Anyway, if you two want to challenge us, we’ll accept it,” Zrevix said.

“By the way, you are now an ambassador for Gylfran Phantalleum Arena, isn’t it?” Vorota said.

“Yes. My role is still the same, except that I have to play all the games inside. I managed to persuade the devs to let me train for the tournament a bit, but they still expect me to play something else at least two hours per day. Speaking of that, the devs said that if I actually win the tournament, Zrevix might get the same job with me,” Bodoh said.

“Oh? That’s interesting, but having our in-game lives recorded is certainly not fun,” Zrevix suddenly sulked.

“What do you expect? I am a celebrity at this point. You know the deal,” Bodoh patted her head.

“Anyway, thanks for calling us. We have unfinished business here to be done before this place gets shut down,” Kilrea and Vorota teleported themselves away.

“Hey, what we ae waiting for? Let’s continue our training!” Zrevix said. At the meantime,

“So, how is the negotiations go?”

“Everything’s going smooth. In fact, we are going to sign the Entry Document tomorrow,”

“Wouldn’t this getting a little bit too fast? I mean, the citizens does not know about this yet,”

“The entry document is just the beginning. There is more paperwork to be done before Gylfran actually becomes a member of the treaty,”

“I understand, but you know what happens when this kind of stuff is deliberately hidden from public knowledge,”

“The reverse is true as well and in fact more common. Thanks for your concern, but too bad we cannot overturn our superior’s wishes. Anyway, thank you for your effort in the negotiation process,”

“Will you stay here after everything is done?”

“Of course. I am now working here, for the union’s sake,” At the meantime,

“The incident is ended already, but extraterrestrials are still spotted in Gylfran,”

“What do you expect when Gylfran is now a semi-official member? In fact, I already have a bad feeling about this. Our efforts could be futile,”

“I have an idea on how to delay this from happening,”

“What is it? Care to elaborate?”

“It’s like this. Do you know the new game called Gylfran Phantalleum Arena?”

“Yes. Why?”

“There is a tournament called Free Reign Challenge Cup and that ambassador is entering it with his girlfriend,”

“What? So you mean that if I am going to stop them I have to enter it and make sure that they lose?”

“Yes. I have contacted several professional gamers and they agreed to work with us,”

“I understand. I’ll work on it. By the way, keep an eye on our rivals. I fear that they may attempt ambush on the extraterrestrial officials. If that happens, stop them with any legal means necessary,”

“Yes, sir,”

“I heard everything. I’ll join you,”

“Are you really sure of that?”

“You will definitely need a partner for that tournament,”

“I see. If that is the case, let’s start grinding for the qualification. We have unfinished work to do,” The dual crossage incident is finally over, but who knows what happen next….