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It was a week after the incident ended. 

“This place will disappear tomorrow. I wondered if this planet is ready to accommodate the influx of extraterrestrials visiting here,” Bodoh and Zrevix were seen having tea in a coffee shop,”

“Yep. The days of Cross Rumble Arena and Rookie Gauntlet Coliseum will soon over. What is the new game called?”

“Gylfran Phantalleum Arena. You should know this better, Bodoh,”

“I don’t get used to the new name. By the way, do you transfer your profile over?”

“Of course,”

“Good. By the way, Kilrea and Vorota are late….”

“Hey, are you two secretly dating while waiting for us?” Kilrea stared at Zrevix sharply.

“No. I suspect that you two are the ones who date and forgot this meeting,” Zrevix sipped her cup of tea.

“Let’s cut this crap already. We are here for serious business, you know,” Vorota dragged Kilrea away. The two sat down on the chairs. They are the only customers inside the empty shop. Sitting at the back corner, the four of them were barely visible from the shop’s entrance.

“I’ll get this straight. You two are now officially have your race changed. The Trans Galactic Treaty considers this a serious matter and demanded me to explain this to the officers,”

“The gods forcibly maintained our god forms, saying that the history of the modern gods will disappear if they don’t do anything about it. We are now half-divilnea and it was said that half-divinea can produce divinea offsprings. As far as I concerned, there are complains that there are people of various races had their features changed over night,” Kilrea said.

“With the gods being sent to hell, it’s hard to them to explain things to the officers directly from them. In fact, they lost their god forms permanently,” Vorota said.

“I think I know how to deal with this. This sort of incident, called unexplained race lift happens in other planets as well. By the way, do you start playing Gylfran Phantalleum Arena?” Bodoh said.

“Of course. By the way, did you heard a game called Free Reign Arena?” Vorota said.

“I know. That game used to be called Vacation Ruin Online, but Free Reign Arena has maps that exist in Vacation Ruin Online anyway,” Bodoh said.

“In fact, we are accepted to join the first tournament ever in Gylfran Phantalleum Arena: Free Reign Challenge Cup. The winner gets a free plane migration pass,” Zrevix added.

“That’s insane. The officials are willing to use it to draw interest of gamers,” Kilrea suddenly coughed.

“With that, anyone can permanently migrate to other planes of existence. Wish you good luck then,” Vorota added.

“Thanks a lot. Don’t forget to send us wedding invitations when you two get married!” Zrevix giggled.

“Of course. In fact, we both agreed that we will marry right at the day Gylfran Phantalleum Arena is officially opened. Currently, it is under open beta testing. The tournament starts a month from now, isn’t it?” Kilrea said.

“Yep. We’ll be training a lot for it. Anyway, if you two want to challenge us, we’ll accept it,” Zrevix said.

“By the way, you are now an ambassador for Gylfran Phantalleum Arena, isn’t it?” Vorota said.

“Yes. My role is still the same, except that I have to play all the games inside. I managed to persuade the devs to let me train for the tournament a bit, but they still expect me to play something else at least two hours per day. Speaking of that, the devs said that if I actually win the tournament, Zrevix might get the same job with me,” Bodoh said.

“Oh? That’s interesting, but having our in-game lives recorded is certainly not fun,” Zrevix suddenly sulked.

“What do you expect? I am a celebrity at this point. You know the deal,” Bodoh patted her head.

“Anyway, thanks for calling us. We have unfinished business here to be done before this place gets shut down,” Kilrea and Vorota teleported themselves away.

“Hey, what we ae waiting for? Let’s continue our training!” Zrevix said. At the meantime,

“So, how is the negotiations go?”

“Everything’s going smooth. In fact, we are going to sign the Entry Document tomorrow,”

“Wouldn’t this getting a little bit too fast? I mean, the citizens does not know about this yet,”

“The entry document is just the beginning. There is more paperwork to be done before Gylfran actually becomes a member of the treaty,”

“I understand, but you know what happens when this kind of stuff is deliberately hidden from public knowledge,”

“The reverse is true as well and in fact more common. Thanks for your concern, but too bad we cannot overturn our superior’s wishes. Anyway, thank you for your effort in the negotiation process,”

“Will you stay here after everything is done?”

“Of course. I am now working here, for the union’s sake,” At the meantime,

“The incident is ended already, but extraterrestrials are still spotted in Gylfran,”

“What do you expect when Gylfran is now a semi-official member? In fact, I already have a bad feeling about this. Our efforts could be futile,”

“I have an idea on how to delay this from happening,”

“What is it? Care to elaborate?”

“It’s like this. Do you know the new game called Gylfran Phantalleum Arena?”

“Yes. Why?”

“There is a tournament called Free Reign Challenge Cup and that ambassador is entering it with his girlfriend,”

“What? So you mean that if I am going to stop them I have to enter it and make sure that they lose?”

“Yes. I have contacted several professional gamers and they agreed to work with us,”

“I understand. I’ll work on it. By the way, keep an eye on our rivals. I fear that they may attempt ambush on the extraterrestrial officials. If that happens, stop them with any legal means necessary,”

“Yes, sir,”

“I heard everything. I’ll join you,”

“Are you really sure of that?”

“You will definitely need a partner for that tournament,”

“I see. If that is the case, let’s start grinding for the qualification. We have unfinished work to do,” The dual crossage incident is finally over, but who knows what happen next….


“For the love of my opponent, please end her misery now! Skill! Hagranvitz!” Acid geysers struck up from the ground, but she dashed away from them for a few seconds before trapped between them. Next, acid mists suddenly formed, corroding anything they touch. The mists flowed into her cannons for a minute and turned them into green crystals. After that, the mists suddenly disappeared and the geysers were launched towards her. “Chain skill! Conduction shock!” She was electrically shocked for a few seconds when the acid hits her. Next, he dashed towards her while his arms were emitting black glow.

“Are you forgetting what I have done before? Divine forces, return what the opponent did to me at him! Skill! Trap emission return!” The acid mists trapped in her cannons were fired back at him as compressed acidic gas shots. He punched every single one of them and his wings were seen eroded slightly as the mists spread behind his fists. Skill! Tiglaes!” Laser beams were randomly fired on the ground and formed laser spots. Laser blasts were emitted from them the moment he stepped onto them, but he keped dashing, seemed to be unaffacted by them.

“Skill! Doom blow!” Upon reaching close, he punched the ground and a cylindrical black vortex trapped both of them inside. The laser spots which were not stepped onto emitted laser beams at him, but he maintained his stance. Next, the laser blasts from her cannons blew him away from the vortex and crashed onto the barrier. After that, the vortex suddenly exploded and half of her cannon barrels were broke into pieces. “Skill! Twin Xirbliw!” Two green beam swords appeared beside him and dropped down towards her.

“Ha, I don’t think that this will be your finishing move. Counter skill! Barrel block galsciv!” The blades broke when they hit her shoulder cannons. The broken part was suddenly attached onto her shoulder cannon barrels and a pair of laser blasts launched them back at him. “Chain skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homed towards him. A titanium wall appeared in front of him, but instead of destroying it, the blasts was pushed back, crashing him again. Next, the homing beams passed over the wall before hitting him.

“Impressive. But this is not your finisher. I’ll show you what I can do further. Skill! Optic disturbing vision!” A light spark suddenly appeared in front of her and exploded, turning her sights completely white even when she closed her eyes. “Chain skill! Lorios Kyvin!” She was suddenly paralyzed and unable to move or fire her cannons. Next, glass darts were dropped onto her for a minute. “Chain skill! Fantalis Fantale!” Eight cross shaped slash wave appeared spiraling around her before scracthing her repeatedly when they reached close. “This is it! The move to end all of this! Chain skill! Ultimate press!” A giant metal block was dropped onto her.

“Ha, this? You wasted a lot of ME on ineffective attacks on me. You should know what does the red earring do, right? Skill! Laser heal!” She pointed her arm cannons on her legs and fired laser blasts. A purple compressed gas shot appeared on his feet and he kicked it towards her, only to be blocked by her arm cannons. “It appeared that I forget to fix them, but I guess that this is the best moment for it. Skill! Vacralos!” “Chain Custom skill! Equipment Repairing Counter Blast!” The laser blasts became larger when they were fired, leaving no room for him to dodge them.

“I have no choice! Skill! Meteor charge!” A brown spherical barrier surrounded him and blocked the blasts while he charged through them, but after a few seconds the barrier broke into pieces and he was hit repeatedly. After the laser blasts ended, the cannon barrels were seen restored while he collapsed onto the ground. She looked at her watch and there were no messages at all. She stepped back a few meters and looked at him while laser spots were seen in the cannon barrels, readying for anything that happens.

“Impressive, but this is not the end of this battle yet. You have indeed defeated me, but you still have one more battle to go. Divine forces, grant me the final chance to defeat this opponent after I am downed by her. Skill! Divination of the Gylfran heavens!” He suddenly rose up from the ground, restored his wings and took out a titanium boomerang. The moment he raised it, his body emitted sky blue glow and laser beams were fired down at her.

“What kind of attack is this? A ghost dealing her final blow after being defeated by a shrine maiden? I’ll stay here until the end, because my love for you will drive me forward until I truly reunite with you! Skill! Zaxayios!” She was sealed inside a cubic laser box and blocked the laser beams. Next, palladium spears struck up from the ground repeatedly. After 10 seconds, the entire space they were in was exploded and the two were falling down.

“You persistence certainly works, but this skill lasts longer than what you have expected, (secret), no, Kilrea Jilout. I’ll stay with you too if this is what you wish,” The laser box crashed through wooden, titanium, polycarbonate and vine spiked walls for two minutes before crashed onto the ground. Next, the laser box disappeared and she stood up with her shoulder cannons disappeared. Her watch’s screen reads,

“Winner: Kilrea Jilout. The quest has ended,”

“Congratulations, (secret). Now, let’s meet the Divine Lord if he has anything to say,” They were teleported to the coliseum where she fought him earlier.

“You two…it￾fs unfortunate that we decided to not play Gods anymore. The Gylfran Union shall take over this place back with our pantheons intact. We are definitely going to descend to hell right away, but you two will be returned to the digital plane of existence. It’s finally over isn’t it? By the way, I have a parting gift for you two. Use it well,” Everyone was disappeared immediately. The story does not end yet….

After 5 minutes, 

“I’m ready now. I will defeat you once again,” Kilrea pointed her arm cannons at him. Her watch reads, “Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Vorota Piserga. Type: Divine. Race: Human. Class: Final Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Ice spikes with blue flames struck up from the ground, but they were destroyed when she fired laser beams from her arm cannons while strafing away from them. Next, she fired laser beams at him, only to be blocked by a photon shield appeared on his hands. “Divine forces, grant me a judgmental blow to this living being! Skill! Homing laser spot!” Laser spots suddenly appeared around him before homed towards her.

“Chain skill! Near detonation!” She strafed away from the spots, but the spots suddenly exploded upon reaching close to her, sending her flying towards the barrier.

“So this is what happens if one gets to use all skills. Behind the mighty fighting, there must be weaknesses to be exposed…skill! Orsulon!” Laser beams were fired at curving angles from her shoulder cannons while she was still flying and homed towards him at all directions when she crashed onto the ground, barely before the barrier. A hemispherical rock cave suddenly sealed him, blocking the laser beams. “What kind of skill is this? I guess I have to use this. Skill! Fileleos!” A pair of cannon barrels was launched towards him.

“Stun or custom skill? I am immune to both,” He dashed towards her while jumping over the cannons. His fists were seen emitting black glows. The cannon barrels passed through the barrier and warped to the opposite side. Upon reaching close to him, he suddenly stopped while stretching his arms forward, only to miss when she jumped over him and the cannon barrels crashed right on his chest. “That skill…skill! Null guard!” Large laser beams were fired at him as if they were from shotguns for 10 seconds before the barrels disappeared and reappeared on her head. The cannon barrels were attached together.

“What kind of enemy is this? This is even worse anything in the actual game…I must let the magum energy recharge first….” He stopped and stopped barely in front of the barrier while the barrier turned green. “The warp function is disabled…I must be careful,” Thunder sparks were emitted from his wings which reflected through the green barriers. “Skill! Ermiget!” A cylindrical laser beam struck upwards, trapping her within while blocking the thunder sparks.

“Skill! Protection backfire!” The thunder sparks suddenly disappeared and flames rose up from the ground where she was standing on, but she suddenly strafed away from the flames while the cylindrical laser beam still at its position. “So you somehow managed to trick me, I guess…but this is something that you cannot dodge! Skill! Coveriod! A hemisphere shaped laser beam surrounded her and shrunk towards her. “Chain skill! Laser amplifier!” The laser beam became thicker as it closing in.

“True final boss material indeed, but I can escape here without harm! Skill! Laser seal!” A laser beam was fired from her arm cannons and it suddenly formed a barrier while she dashed out from the hemispherical laser beam towards him, destroying rock spikes striking upwards from the ground. “Chain skill! Laser expansion!” Upon reaching close, the barrier suddenly became thicker and the light engulfed him, but he dashed backwards and a few blue rays were fired at her.

“You could see that…how you are going to defeat me when I use this? Skill! Optic pierce explosion!” A black spot suddenly appeared in front of her. She quickly dashed backwards while the black spot exploded. She was unharmed, but the barrier disappeared.

“Wrong skill, I guess. Skill! Optic visual disturbance!” Her vision suddenly turned brightly white and she could only close her eyes. “Chain skill! Frozen coffin!” She was suddenly sealed inside a solid oxygen cube. “Chain skill! Stirig Zizirl!” Trident shaped volcanic rocks were dropped onto her, stabbing through her multiple times, leaving red marks all over her body. “Chain skill! Volarios!” The marks emitted slash waves which travelled randomly before returning to the marks. “Chain skill! Syngloir!” The marks suddenly exploded and disappeared. “Your quest ends here. Skill! Phangrom!” A black laser blast was fired from his right index finger pointing towards her.

“This…what kind of power is this…I will not allow myself to be defeated…skill! Laser heal!” The laser blast hit her, but she slowly stood up and dashed towards him. “Chain skill! Block blow!” She punched his finger and his entire right arm was exploded. Next, a kick sent him crashed onto the barrier. “Skill! Rapid beams!” Laser beams were fired from her arm cannons as if they were machinguns, but a wooden wall blocked the beams while he slowly stood up.

“You get this skill as well? I am amazed, but I’ll see if you’ll be saved once more by that! Skill! Optic visual disturbance!” She was surrounded with bright light, but she suddenly dashed randomly, dodging icicles dropped down onto her. “Skill! Ultimate press!” A large metal block was dropped onto her, slamming her onto the ground. When the block disappeared, she stood up with her cannons cracked. Laser beams were fired at him, but they were blocked using his bare hands.

“I have proven my point, dude. It’s payback time. Weapon under overlimit…unleash the self-fixing powers to destroy this enemy! Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” The cracks on her cannons disappeared while laser blasts were fired at him, but a spiked marble wall appeared in front of him for a few seconds before broke into pieces while he dashed away from the wall itself. She quickly pointed her arm cannons at him again, only to be blocked by another marble wall.

“Damn it…even at this condition…she can still fight as if she is in full health…what kind of monster is this? Is this really the Kilrea that I really know? Or this is what happened to her when her love for me is so strong that she is willing to fight until she literally collapsed from all this strain? My fellow gods, how long should this game keep on going?” The fight is going to end soon….

“I do not surrender that easily. I wondered how bad the dimensional stability would be if you actually performing the duties later on. Skill! Push blast!” Kilrea fired energy blasts from her shoulder cannons right towards the shield, only to be blocked when Vorota kicked the shield and dashed away from the blasts. “Skill! Homing beams!” She stopped firing the blast and fired laser beams from her arm cannons which homed towards him instead.

“If you think this is a good way to stop me from taking my own shield, then you are committing a big mistake! Custom skill! Invincibility!” A rainbow spherical barrier appeared and blocked the laser beams while he dashed and took back his shield. “Chain skill! Entirios Dofranos!” He suddenly disappeared for a second before reappearing at her back and charged at her with his shield stuck between him and her. After a few seconds, she crashed onto the coliseum’s wall. He dashed backwards and the shield returned back to his hand.

“I guess I fell onto you feigning tactics, but unfortunately you do not doing it as a finisher. You are not going to win. Skill! piercing beams!” Laser beams were fired from her cannons in a spread, preventing him from dashing away from the beams. He kicked the shield towards her while dashing close behind the shield. “I know what you want to do, you moron. Skill! Lob beam!” She pointed her arm cannons diagonally upwards and fired laser balls which moved in projectile motion.

“Too bad that I can read those too, moron! You are forcing me to do this!” He suddenly chased the shield while taking another one and pointed it upwards, blocking the laser balls, but he was hit when laser beams were fired from her shoulder cannons. “With this, I gain more skills for me to use! Skill! Remote control mode!” Upon reaching his shield near the wall, it suddenly rotated around him. “This rotating shield would be your nightmare. Chain skill! Revolving bash!” The rotating shield was launched at her with the roatting motion intact.

“I do not think so. I have fought this far and it would be a waste if I fall here! Skill! Explosive teleportation!” She launched a pair of cannon barrels from her shoulder cannons at the shield. The moment the barrels hit the shield, they exploded before returning back to her shoulder cannons while the shield was bounced back to its original rotating motion. “Skill! Evolirl!” She fired a few laser beams which were blocked by the shield, but a few laser balls were formed and became larger, hitting him within them for 10 seconds before disappearing.

“How could you have such a skill to bypass this protection? I don’t know what happened to you, but you certainly pushed me too far,” He dashed towards her while blocking laser blasts fired at him. Upon reaching close, the rotating shield was going to hit her, but she jumped backwards and fired laser blasts at him again, but the shield suddenly shifted rightwards while he was jumping and the shield blocked the blast again.  

“Chain skill! Double shield hit!” Upon reaching close, he stretched his right arm forward, hitting her at the same time with the rotating shield. She was thrown towards the audience seat, but a transparent barrier blocked her from crashing onto the audiences and fell onto the ground.

“Now I can trust you for your celestial job, but I am not defeated yet. If you think that you can spam this skill over and over again, think again. Skill! Ulgrorin!” Positron blast suddenly struck up from the ground and he was hit. A pair of mirrors appeared above and below him and the blast was reflected between the two mirrors, piercing through him a few times before he blocked it using his shield. Upon landing onto the ground, the ground he was standing on emitted a large laser ball which looked like an explosion.

“What the hell are you doing? Chain skill! Reverse revolver!” The rotating shield suddenly disappeared and reappeared around her while still rotating, except that it was rotating around her. “Now most of your own attacks will be blocked and I have means to block the rest of them. By the way, noticed something? Skill! Shield spike beam!” The shield was pointed inward and laser beams were fired at her, but they hit into her shoulder cannons instead.

“Is that what you can do? How unfortunate. Skill! Destroyer beam!” Laser beams were fired at the shield through her arm cannons and the shield was shattered into pieces before disappearing. “Counter skill! Accumulated return!” Laser beams which were fired at her earlier were fired at him, but they were adsorped onto his shield instead.

“You lose. You simply lose, Kilrea! Counter skill! Rygnaris!” The spikes were launched towards her with the laser adsorped onto the spikes were emitted as laser beams back at her. She dashed through the beams and letting a few beams hit him. After that, she jumped over the missiles. Upon landing onto the ground, the missies suddenly moved in reverse motion. She kept on dashing and upon reaching close, both of them jumped, but she jumped higher and quicker. He was hit by the spikes and fell onto the ground.

“I guess I can’t…wait…what happened?” The moment she landed onto the ground, the spikes disappeared and the two were teleported to a floating stainless steel platform in the sky with white barriers surrounding it, preventing anyone from falling down from it.

“Remember the flower shaped metal thing? Equipping it bypasses the requirement to fight me in the god form. You are the first person to equip it,” He stood up and he suddenly grew black feathery wings at his back.

“Then, the guy who fought you in that form was….”

“He was too good at dodging me attacks. But unfortunately he forgot to conserve for my current form and I trashed him away. By the way, you are given this and it is a mandatory accessory,” A pair of spear shaped ruby earrings suddenly appeared in front of her.

“It’s quite a time since I wore this,”

“Yeah. I did give you a pair out from the game. By the way, tell me when you are done,” The next fight is going to be worse….

Kilrea appeared in a coliseum where people were watching from the audience seats. Suddenly, a man wearing blue formal wear appeared in front of her.
“So you finally appeared, Kilrea. Congratulations for coming this far,”

“Yeah. Anyway, how is your job as a god?”

“It’s very boring. I wondered when this will end so that I can resume my usual job. Anyway, I will not go easy on you. My duty is to test whether you are actually worthy of being the god of cyberspace,”

“I do not need you to remind me about this. Now bring it on!” Kilrea’s watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Vorota Piserga. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Guardian. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea stared the match by fired laser beams at him, but they were all blocked using a palladium round spiked shield which is as large as his own body.

“Skill! Moranid!” Laser beams were fired away from him for a few seconds before homed towards him. He quickly dashed backwards while putting his shield in front of him, but a few laser beams still hit him at his back. After he was hit, he fell onto the ground and the shield hit his head while it still blocked laser beams fired at him.

“You are still fighting with this gear? You never change, aren’t you? Skill! Barrier meteor charge!” He stood up and a hemispherical barrier appeared in front of the shield. Next, he charged while the barrier was burning in blue flames. Just when he reach close she strafed away from him while firing laser beams from her shoulder cannons, but they were blocked by the flames which spread to his back. “Those strategies that brought you here will not work as you expected. Skill! Spike launch!” The spikes on his shield were launched as if they were homing missiles.

“So this is what you have. Then, I can safely do what I intend to do. Skill! Laser defensive strike!” Laser beams struck up from the ground and the spikes were knocked upwards before being teleported back to his shield. “Skill! Arc loop beam!” Her shoulder cannons rose up and laser beams were fired as if they were moving in projectile motion. He quickly ducked while putting his shield diagonally in front of him. Most laser beams were either blocked or flew over him, but a few beams still hit him when they strike almost directly downward.

“Impressive. I do not know that you can do such a thing, but don’t forget that I am a god, fod gods’ sake! Skill! Shield spike beam!” Laser beams were fired from the spikes, but they were blocked when she fired laser beams at the same time. He suddenly dashed towards her while the skill was still active and some of the beams were fired slightly away from her. “Skill! Sudden ejection!” Upon reaching close, the shield was suddenly ejected out his hands, hitting her and sending her crashing onto the coliseum’s wall.

“What? Is this what you can do? You are barely qualified to become a god. Skill! Barrel shockwave!” He dashed towards her, bu she quickly stood up and the shockwaves from her cannon barrels stunned him. She quickly dashed away from him while firing laser beams at his back. “Skill! Point rise beam!” After one second, she fired laser beams onto the ground and laser beams pierced through him when laser beams struck up from the spot her laser beams hit.

“Since when you resort to such tactics? I guess I have to teach you some lesson. Skill! Homing throw!” He threw his shield and his shield’s handle were seen suddenly disappearing the moment he threw it towards her. She jumped over the shield a few times before the shield was moved back to him. The handle reappeared while he attempted to hold it. Next, he dashed towards her while the shield was emitting white glow. “Skill! IzIrtiod!” A laser plane suddenly appeared at her back when he reached close to her.

“Ha, this? I don’t think you can actually do any damage with it! She jumped over him while turning around and fired laser blasts at him, but he quickly turn around as well and the shield blocked the laser blasts. “You shield is useless at this moment. Skill! Equipment piercing laser beams!” She stopped the blasts upon landing onto the ground and fired laser beams at him instead. A few laser beams pierced through his shield, but he quickly dashed away from the rest of the beams.

“This skill…you managed to get it…that is certainly god material…Counter skill! Laser storm!” Laser beams were fired from his shield as if they were fired from machineguns, but she quickly dashed away from him while a pair of cannon barrels was ejected out from her shoulder cannons to her arms. “So you get this ability too, huh? Skill! Vaqilean!” His shield suddenly disappeared while he dashed away from her laser beams. After a few seconds, the shield suddenly appeared at her back.

“Such ungodly tricks are things that I will not fall for, you moron!” She jumped backwards the moment the barrier was launched towards her. ‘Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homed towards him and he was hit repeatedly until the shield returned back to his right hand. Next, the shoulder cannons rose upwards. “Skill! Arc loop beam!” Laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons bounced on the ground. Instead of blocking them, he dashed forward with his shield emitting icy smokes, ignoring a few beams which hit him from above.

“Is this what you actually have? I don’t quite sure, but I guess I have no choice but to defeat you the harder way! Skill! Friot Vaquas!” She was suddenly sealed under a thin layer of ice, unable to move before the ice layer was shattered upon being bashed by his shield. After that, he kicked the shield which hit her and sent her crashing onto the wall once more. He dashed towards her with his hands emitting yellow glow, but the shield was suddenly flew right at him, sending him crashing onto the wall instead. This fight will be hard….

“You certainly has grown over the years. Then again, I am who you are if you stick with these cannons up to this day amd I am very sure that I have unlocked all of their potential, yet I could not bring you down at this point. Maybe I should show you what I am actually made of. Skill! Ray tube machinegun shots!” Blue straw looking rays were fired at Kilrea at high projectile speed and rapidity of a machinegun. Some of the rays hit her, but some of them hit her cannons. “Chain skill! Homing beams!” She dashed away from both Belcet and the rays, but the rays suddenly homed towards her. 

“Unfortunately, this means my weapon of choice is the correct one because I do not unlock all of their potential yet. This is going to be risky, but fighting firepower with more firepower has its own advantages!” A cannon barrel was ejected from both of her should cannon and mounted on her head. “Skill! Lensrales!” Laser beams were fired in random directions and reflected off randomly appearing mini mirrors. “Chain skill! Laser amplifier!” The laser beams suddenly emitted bright glow, forcing Belcret to close her eyes. Next, the laser beams suddenly stopped reflecting and moved right towards Belcret, hitting her simultaneously. 

“This…how could you learn such a high end skill? And you say that this is not the full potential of your cannon? I don’t believe this! Skill! Nefrisas!” Belcret fired red and blue rays as scattered laser beams. The beams which pass through each other became white beams. Kilrea quickly ejected the head mounted cannons, stepped onto them and flew upwards, dodging the beams, but the cannons suddenly pointed upwards away from each other and Kilrea was hit a few times before thrown off the cannons she was stepping on. 

“Counter skill! Autopilot cannon blast!” The cannon suddenly fired large beams at Belcret a few times before teleporting back to her head. She stood up and dashed away from the rays while firing several large beams at Belcret, but they were immediately neutralized by the rays passing through them. “Skill! Piercing beams!” She kept on firing them and the beams hit Belcret. Belcret suddenly stopped firing and launched the cannon barrels on her shoulders at Kilrea. Kilrea quickly did the same as well. Just a centimeter before the cannon barrels clash, “Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” Her cannons barrels suddenly exploded, throwing Belcret’s cannon barrels away. 

“Counter skill! Barrel rolling strike!” The barrels suddenly spinning while falling onto the ground and fired laser beams while rolling towards her. “Chain skill! Upwards conical large beams!” The laser beams suddenly fired while getting taller. Kilrea strafed away from the laser beams. When the cannons reached closed to her, she kicked them away from Belcret, but the cannons were teleported back to Belcret’s shoulder. “Divine forces, this opponent has gone dangerous! Grant me powers to put her into stop! Skill! Orizalis Venegirt!” 

“Like I would allow you! Divine forces, bless this innocent being with your might and defeat this opponent in front of me on my behalf! Skill! Hexolios Signerier!” Belcret’s cannon barrels were lined up in front of her head while Kilrea’s cannons were aligned in front of Kilrea’s head. Belcret’s white ray blast and Kilrea’s laser blast were fired at the same time and clashed right in the middle. After 10 seconds, the blasts disappeared and the two collapsed onto the ground. After a minute when they stood up, 

“Just how strong you actually can be? Even a high end skill like this are stopped by a high end skill…custom skill! Divine blessing!” Belcret’s body suddenly emitted white glow while she fired red and blue rays which turned white when they passed through each other. “Chain skill! Laser amplifier!” The rays suddenly emitted bright glows, but Kilrea dodged the rays by closing her eyes and strafing randomly. Next, Belcret suddenly stopped firing. “Chain skill! Evrinolia!” 

“You said that you have unlocked all the potential of the weapon…judging by what you did, that weapon is inherently inferior to my current weapon. I’ll show you why. Skill! Desinigia!” Laser blasts were fired at Kilrea while laser beams striking upwards from the ground around her were spinning quickly and blocked the laser blasts. Next, the laser beams fired away from her suddenly homed towards her, but the homing beams were blocked by the spinning laser beams again. After a few seconds, the spinning laser beams were disappeared and she pointed her arm cannons at Belcrte. 

“Is that what you got? I don’t need to waste those chants from the manuals to use this finisher on you! Skill! Tintialid Glaciar!” Different kinds of beams were fired away from Belcret. Belcret laughed while dashing towards her and the cannons were aimed at the beams instead of her. “Chain skill! Ruvinir Frislad!” The laser beams suddenly turned into tiny beam balls before blasts were fired from them. 

“Finisher? I have this finisher to counter that lousy finisher of yours!” Belcret’s shoulder cannons were suddenly filled with holes. “Divine forces, punish this arrogant scum with your prowess! Chain skill! Kelonir Frizlof Xaxas!” Red and blue ray blasts were fired at the blasts from Kilrea’s skill and her at the same time. She quickly strafed away from the blasts and her own laser blasts suddenly disappeared. 

“I already knew what you are going to do. Now this is my real finisher! Divine forces, deal the final blow to this enemy of mine! Skill! Evolirf!” Laser beams were fired and clashed right before Belcret, forming a laser ball. The ball suddenly became larger and hit her repeatedly and disappeared after a laser blast was fired from each of Kilrea’s cannons. A flower shaped platinum medal was suddenly fell onto her after the head and arm cannons were reattached to her shoulder cannons. 

“A useless item. Just sell this thing for a quick buck,” Kilrea read the item’s description. “Are you fooling me, fellow gods? Worst secret test of character ever,￾h she equipped it as an accessory before disappearing. At the meantime, 

“Kilrea…please come to me. I…really…missed you….” The final battle starts soon….

“I am who you are if you stick to your original equipment. The god of illusions has granted my existence. Now defeat me to face your final opponent,” A black woman appeared in front of Kilrea. The two was standing above the clouds with no sun in sight, but the surroundings are still bright. 

“I fully understand. After all, I will prove to you why I am not using that weapon anymore!” Kilrea’s watch reads, “”Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Belcret Iolsol. Type: Heaven. Race: Empdy. Class: Destructor. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds, 

“Match start!” Kilrea dashed away from the blue rays fired from Belcret’s shoulder cannons in a circular arc. “Skill! Anion spread beam!” The blue rays split into six and fired with 150 degrees coverage, but Kilrea dodged the beams by staying in the space between them while firing laser beams back at her using the arm cannons. “Ha, this? Thank goodness that sometimes I get 50% damage upon getting hit when all of my skills are active, but I cannot chain my skills at all when that happens. Consider this a tweak of the difficulty,” 

“Curses. Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams were fired and homed towards Belcret, but she suddenly stopped firing and dashed away from the beams. Kilrea quickly dashed along in a parallel path while firing normal laser beams at her randomly. The homing beams slowly approaching Belcret, but after a few seconds her shoulder cannon barrels were suddenly reversed and a red blast was fired at the beams while another one was fired at Kilrea, making the beams disappear. 

“Like I would allow you to take advantage of this! Gods who rule Gylfran, grant me your divine protection! Custom skill! Godly protection!” A dodecahedron shaped barrier suddenly appeared surrounding her, blocking laser blasts fired from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons. After a few seconds, the blast ended while the barrier disappeared. The two stood still while staring at each other’s weapons. After a few seconds, Belcret dashed towards Kilrea while launching the cannon barrels at her. “Skill! Imilgrip!” The shoulder joints and the barrels fired red blasts together. 

“This? Don’t you ever think that I am this weak! Skill! Sezrifir!” A pair of cannon barrels was ejected out from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons. The ejected barrels and the ones remain attached at the shoulder cannons fired laser blasts together. Next, positron beams were fired from the arm cannons, piercing through the blasts. The two skills clashed, but the positron beam pierced through and hit Belcret several times before both skills were stopped. 

“How could you become this strong?￾h Red rays were fired at Kilrea, only to hit into her cannon barrels. Cracks were seen on them. “Surprised? Those beams can destroy equipments 20 times faster than a crusher. Now cease to be able to fight! Skill! Homing beams!” Blue rays were fied at her, only to be dodged while the cracks on the cannon barrels became longer. After a few seconds, the cannon barrels were shattered. “Now you can’t fight anymore. Divine forces, end this opponent’s misery of unable to fight by finishing her off! Skill! Laser cage trap!” Laser beams suddenly surrounded Kilrea, forming a laser cage before laser beams were fired at her. 

“My weapons may indeed be destroyed, but if that means you can spell my defeat, then such mistake will ensure your defeat! Skill! Cannon slot absorb!” The laser beams were all fired to her cannon shoulder’s attachment slot for a minute before the cage disappeared. “Divine forces, rescue me from this brink of defeat and grant me a change to fight back! Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” The cannons were reformed the moment laser blasts were fired at Belcret. 

“Custom skill! Spinning guard!” Belcret launched her shoulder cannons which became jointed and spinning, blocking the laser blasts. “How could you manage to recover from that instant death attack? You…I will not allow this,” She dashed to the cannons and kicked them, pushing the cannon towards Kilrea. After a few seconds, the laser blasts were stopped, but the cannons were cracked when they were separated and mounted back on her shoulders. “You skills are hardly unique. Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” 

“I already know this very fact and do not need your reminder, you bitch!” Kilrea dashed to her right and fired laser beams at Belcret, only to have the blasts suddenly stopped and she strafed to her left while firing red rays back at Kilrea. Both of them were hit and fell onto the ground, but the two quickly stood up. “Point power activated! Skill! Asre Rovia!” Laser beams were fired to a point midair before a laser blast was fired at Belcret. 

“Divine forces, protect me from this attacker! Skill! Rising ray shield!” Blue rays suddenly struck up from the ground and blocked the blast. “This is what you got? How laughable. Skill! Laser rush!” The rays moved forward swiftly and Kilrea was hit by one of the rays. She could not move at all while Belcret was firing red rays at her. After 20 hits, Kilrea dashed away from the rays. “Escape? I don’t think so. Custom skill! Esmilre!” A laser ball suddenly appeared at her back, split into 12 laser balls around her, one of which hit through her back and exploded, throwing her upwards. A red spot appeared just in front of Belcret’s left shoulder cannon while a blue spot appeared just in front of Belcret’s right shoulder cannon. “Skill! Neutral ray blast!” The red and blue large rays combined into a white ray fired at her. 

“Weapon limited released. Weapon operates at 125% over the power capacity limit. Skill! Nevianod!” The cannons were split into rings lined up in a straight line. A laser beam passed through the rings and turned into a laser blast upon passing through the last ring. The two blast clashed midair for 15 seconds before both disappeared. The rings were joined back, reforming the cannons as she landed onto the ground. Belcret stared at her sharply while the red and blue spots were still visible. This fight is not going to be easy….

“How you could fly with that? Customs?” A woman wearing a black mask and leather suit appeared in front of her when Kilrea appeared at the fourth floor. 

“Yes. Let’s stop this nonscencial talking, shall we?” Kilrea’s watch reads, 

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Frief Krutz. Type: Digital. Race: Imp. Class: Ultra Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds, 

“Match start!” Kilrea dashed towards Frief while firing laser beams at her, but she merely strafed away from laser beams while taking out two platinum zweihanders and joining them into a platinum grand double sword lance. 

“Skill! Entralis!” Two slash waves were launched by spinning her lance with only her right arm while pointing it way from herself. A slash wave was spinning around another one, deflecting the laser beams which hit them. “Chain skill! Warp portal!” A warp portal appeared in front of her while she put her lance onto the ground. “2nd chain skill! Weapon riding strike!” She stepped onto the weapon and flew through the portal. 

“Like I would allow you! Skill! Exploded beam shower!” Kilrea quickly dashed to her left while two laser balls were fired upwards from her shoulder cannons for a few seconds before they exploded, right when the portal reappeared at her back. “Chain skill! Vulcrigras!” The moment Frief went out from the portal, laser beams were fired from her shoulder cannons backwards, intentionally missing Frief as Frief dashed through the falling laser beams. Suddenly, laser beams were fired as rapid as a machinegun in the space between the missed laser beams. 

“2nd chain skill! Meteor guard crash!” A white hemispherical barrier suddenly appeared in front of Frief and the laser beams were blocked. Next, white flames burned the barrier while Frief continued flying towards her. She quickly jumped backwards and fired a pair of laser blast from her arm cannons. The blasts hit her, but she kept on dashing. “3rd chain skill! Warp portal!” A warp portal appeared in front of Frief and she flew into it before the portal disappeared. 

“Again? Until when you want to play this again and again?” The portal reappeared in front of Kilrea and she flew out from the portal. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” She flew just over Kilrea’s upward pointing shoulder cannons and a pair of laser blasts pierced through the barrier and the lance she was standing on. “Chain skill! Barrel shockwave!” Shockwaves from the cannon barrels were stunned her and she kept on flying upwards before crashing onto the ceiling. 

“Now I know why you can go this far. Your journey ends here, bitch!” She landed onto the ground while launching crescent slash waves at Kilrea, but they were all blocked when Kilrea fired large laser beams at them as if the cannons were shotguns. “Skill! Thruster rage!” She held the lance with the blades pointing left and right while dashing towards Kilrea, blocking the large beams fired at her. Upon reaching close, Kilrea jumped backwards while turning around and pointed the arm cannons at her. 

“Like I allow you to do that! Skill! Atomic beam!” A string sized laser beam was fired onto the ground, just behind her. Upon hitting there, a large explosion burnt her alive. Upon landing onto the ground, a flame lion suddenly charged out from the explosion and knocked Kilrea right towards the wall. “This? You will not use that lance to hit me at such a time! Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” The cannons barrels were all launched towards her and exploded upon hitting the lance before teleported back. She fell onto the ground while Kilrea dashed to her left in an circular arc. 

“I wondered how this fight will end. Skill! Seperation Ejection!” The lance split back into two zweihanders when one was ejected towards Kilrea. “Chain skill! Hit shockwave!” Kilrea strafed away from the zweihander, but upon hitting the wall shockwaves stopped her from moving. “Paralyzed? Good. Skill! Tigrifiiur!” Flame lances struck Kilrea upwards continuously even when she crashed onto the ceiling for a minute. Next, she fell onto the ground with a flame lance impaled through her. 

“This? You won’t expect this would not defeat me, huh? Plus, that spell has a special effect of healing all status effects when it does not kill the target. I dare you to use a better skill,” She stood up while her cannons were emitting red glow. Thunder sparks were striking down from the ceiling, but the sparks hit her cannon barrels instead. “Cannon force activate! Skill! Multiple frequency beams!” Invisible beams were fired from her arm cannons, but they disappeared upon hitting a pyramidal barrier. 

“Just that? Mystic force of the past, grant me power to return it back to the giver! Counter skill! Offense return!” The invisible beams were launched back from the barrier, only to be dodged when she dashed to her right. The two zweihanders were seen joined once more. “Skill! Bisgrafil!” Frief threw her lance onto the ground and it spun towards Kilrea while a tornado was formed at the center of the pole. Wind spears were seen emitted out from it while Frief dashed along it 

“This? I do not need my own high end skills to counter this! Skill! Elemental counter blast!” The spears all went into her cannons. Just when the tornado was approaching close to her, she fired her own tornadoes from her cannon barrels and pushed the tornado right back at Frief, trapping her inside before disappearing. 

“Your raid journey ends here. Now ascend to the heavens and take on our final challenge,” White glows suddenly engulfed her alive. 

“So she finally went up there…I wondered if this will succeed,” Bodoh who was still standing outside of the tower looked at a white beam fired upwards from the tower. 

“Perhaps this will end this disaster. If this going on, the entire planet would be swapped. Let’s go. We have no choice but to pray for her success,” Zrevix who stood behind him walked away from the tower. At the meantime, 

“This…are the gods are trying to toy with my psyche?” Kilrea’s face turned pale while the golden cannons appeared in front of her. This is not good at all….

“So, this is my challenger. I guess I have to fight now,” Kilrea appeared at the second floor and a man wielding a titanium pearl wand appeared in front of her.

“Yes. This is what I am expecting. Let’s not waste the time talking, shall we?” Kilrea’s watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Runklio Viqank. Type: Hell. Race: Human. Class: Seer. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea fired a few laser beams which intentionally barely missed him. He merely stood still while a few fireballs were dropping onto her. “Skill! Scatter beams!” She dashed away from the fireballs while laser beams which randomly scattered away from the cannons were fired from her shoulder cannons. The beams disappeared and ripples were seen in front of him. Next, she dashed towards him, dodging thunder sparks striking down onto the ground. “Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close, she stopped firing and shockwaves were emitted from her cannon barrels.

“This? That doesn’t work on me. Skill! Infernal freeze!” Blue shaped flames suddenly struck up from the ground. She dashed backwards, but she was still hit by the flames.

“You must be having frostbite now. Perhaps this will make you feel even worse! Skill! Ice casket!” She was suddenly trapped inside a coffin shaped ice and unable to move at all. “Chain skill! Metal plate slash!” Metal plates appeared midair and launched towards her. The ice was shattered and she was hit a few times before blocking the rest using her cannon barrels.

“Damn…I will not allow this to happen! Skill! Piercer beams!” She dashed to her left and fired laser beams at him. The ripples reappeared, but he was hit by them as they passed through. “Now take this! Skill! Pierce blast!” A pair of laser blasts were fired at him from her shoulder cannons, but he strafed to his right while ripples were seen around him and emitted fire spears back at her, only to be blocked when laser beams were fired from her arm cannons.

“This? You are good, but you are forcing me to go even worse….skill! Steam burst!” Steam mists struck upwards from the ground and sent her flying upwards. “Chain skill! Icy flare seal!” Blue flames suddenly burnt her alive while she was still hit by the steam mists. After 3 seconds, she hit the ceiling while still being hit. Next, he dashed towards her while she was falling down onto the ground, dashing in the gaps between laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons.

“Your wand will not work here. Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” She crashed onto the ground while he took out a titanium pearl wand, but right when he swung it downwards the shockwaves from the barrel stunned him. She quickly stood up and fired laser blasts from her arm cannons, sending him flying 20 meters away. “Skill! Homing beams!” After that, laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons and homed towards him, but they were all blocked using his wand.

“I do not expect this from you….skill! Icy explosion!” A blue spot suddenly appeared on the ground a few centimeters in front of her before exploding. Ice spears were emitted everywhere from the spot and stabbed her. “Skill! Ice stalagmite!” Ice spikes struck up from the ground, but the shoulder cannons were ejected out, fell down and stepped by her. She flew upwards and fired laser beams at him, but they were blocked
and ripples were seen once more.

“Skill! Cluster burst beams!” Several beams were fired together from her arm cannons as if they were fired from a shotgun while she flew towards him. Upon reaching close, she jumped over her while the skill was still active, but the beams were still blocked with the ripples seen above his head. Suddenly, laser blasts were fired briefly from her shoulder cannons, sending him crashing onto the wall while she landed onto the ground and mounted the shoulder cannons back onto her shoulders.

“Damn…you….custom skill! Wound charge!” Red flames were seen burning him alive, leaving him invisible behind the flames. “Custom chain skill! Flame cell!” She was trapped in a cubic flame which moves along with her when she dashed randomly. After a minute, she fell down onto the ground and the cubic flame disappeared. “I thought that you will give me some challenge. But I guess I don’t need it anymore. Skill! Infernal…!” He dashed towards her while pointing his wand at her and his flames were disappeared.

“Skill! Quick beam!” A laser beam was suddenly fired from her shoulder cannons. He was hit and fell onto the ground. Next, she quickly stood up and fired laser blasts at him from her arm cannons. “This is it! Skill! Anti-hydrogen blast!” Positron, antineutron and antiproton blasts from her shoulder cannons were combined into a single blast while she jumped backwards, but ripples suddenly appeared in front of him while he was standing up, blocking it. Upon landing onto the ground, her face turned pale.

“You should have used the piercing beams instead, you moron. Just because I am downed does not mean the automatic free skill that comes with my equipment is not active. Your MP must be dropped onto zero, right? I guess you won’t survive this, then. Skill! Irglinasir!” She was suddenly frozen in a layer of dry ice. Next, a dry ice spike struck upwards, throwing her along before dry ice swords thrust through her repeatedly for a minute before she crashed down onto the ground with the dry ice shattered and disappeared.

“Thanks to you, my MP is now at maximum. To return the favor, I’ll show you one of the real skills for my current job level. Skill! Evrinolia! The arm cannons fired laser blasts at him while homing beams were fired from her shoulder cannons. He dashed in random directions for a few seconds, dodging the laser blasts before the beams homed towards him in all directions. The beams pierced through the ripples and he disappeared right after the blasts hit him.

“Great. Now I have to go up with my low HP. It’s time to heal,” She took out a plastic drinking bottle and drank the healing potion in it before disappeared. The last fight starts soon….

“So, you have defeated my partner….” A woman wearing black robe and titanium spiked knuckles appeared in front of Kilrea. “I am your next opponent. You shall not having an easy time….”

“I couldn’t care less about what happens between you and him. Today, I am here to rise up the ladder!” Her watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Eminsiere Arloskoe. Type: Ircialous. Race: Human. Class: Ultra Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Eminisiere dashed towards Kilrea while launching fist shaped waves at her, but the waves were all missed. Kilrea stared at her sharply, waiting for her to come close.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close, shockwaves were emitted from her shoulder cannons, freezing Eminsiere’s limbs. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” Her shoulder cannons hit Eminsiere’s shoulders and laser blasts fired sent her flying and spinning away. Wind swirls were seen around the seemingly unconscious but smiling body. Just a second before she hit the ceiling,

“Skill! Linear strike warp!” A warp portal suddenly appeared in front of her and the ground where Kilrea was standing. Kilrea quickly jumped and fired laser blasts right through the portal, only to have it blocked by the wind swirls when she flew out from it. After a few seconds, she landed onto the ground and turned around, pointing her fists at Kilrea. “Your skills is indeed great, but have you ever wondered how well you may fare for the fight right before our new god?”

“I couldn’t care less about this now. You shall be another opponent downed by my cannons today! Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homes towards her, only to be blocked when she punched the beams one by one. “Skill! Piercer beams!” The beams fired at her pierced through her fists when she punched them again. After that, she kept on strafing to her right while punching the air, sending punch shaped waves back at Kilrea.

“Take this! Skill! Vengence of a tiger!” She suddenly stopped strafing and punched the air using both of her fists. A tiger shaped wave dashed towards Kilrea, but the laser beams were still piercing through the wave, hitting her repeatedly. After a few seconds, Kilrea strafed to her left while still firing piercing laser beams. “This…I must not let this slide….Skill! Emergency power up!” Her body emitted white glow while she resumed strafing away from the laser beams and launching punch waves at Kilrea.

“I do not fear of that. Chain skill! Radial increment!” The laser beams were enlarged. She was seen strafing faster while slowly approaching her by stepping forward at the same time. The shoulder cannons started to crack and Kilrea suddenly ran away from the punch waves while closing towards her. The beams suddenly became smaller while her shoulder cannons’ cracks were disappearing. “Thankfully I change my equipment, or else….”

“My job class is ultra novice and I’ll make you remember it! Skill! Stone ring!” Upon reaching close, she suddenly knelt and punched the ground. Stone walls struck up the ground and barely blocking a pair of laser blasts fired from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons, but the piercing beams still pierced through the walls and hit her. Next, the walls suddenly spread away from each other and a wall slammed her crashing onto the building’s wall. “This is it! The final blow which will send you away from this world! Skill! Reverse thunder spark!”

“Like I have nothing to use it against you! Custom skill! Elemental counter blast!” The wall suddenly fell down onto the ground while she jumped with all of her cannons pointing at the ground. The thunder sparks struck into her cannon barrels instead. After she landed onto the ground, electric sparks were seen spewing out from the cannons. Eminsiere dashed towards her while launching punch waves which travelled on the ground. “This? It’s nothing,” She pointed her arm cannon onto the ground and electric sparks were emitted onto the ground, homing towards the punch waves and disappeared along with them.

“That’s rather insane…but as long as the thunder sparks are trapped inside….skill! Infernal cold swords!” Blue sword shaped blue flames suddenly appeared midair and flew towards her, only to disappear after being hit by the thunder sparks from her arm cannons. The yellow glows in the cannons were slowly shrinking. “Why she leave the shoulder cannons intact?” Eminsiere dashed towards her while her fists were emitting white glow. “Skill! Wave fuse barrier!” Six punch waves appeared midair and combined into a round shield shaped barrier.

“Custom chain skill! Homing thunder beam!” Yellow lasers were fired at Eminsiere while she punched the barrier, sending it flying towards Kilrea, but the beams curved away from the barrier with a few went to her back briefly. The yellow spots in her arm cannons disappeared while Kilrea dashed close to her. “Eat this!” Upon reaching close, a pair of yellow laser blasts were fired at her, sending her crashing onto the wall.

“This is it! The finisher! Skill! Vulcan shoot laser!” Kilrea was slowly pushed backwards while laser beams were fired at her with the rapidity of a machine gun.

“I could be losing…but at least I will fight to the end! Skill! Back warp!” A warp portal suddenly appeared in front of her and behind Kilrea. Kilrea quickly jumped backwards, stopped shooting and dashed towards her, waiting for the warp portal to disappear. “Damn….I used up too much MP…” She dashed towards Kilrea while launching punch waves at Kilrea, but they were dodged instead. Upon reaching close,

“That’s commendable, I guess. Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” She could not move and a pair of laser blasts from Kilrea’s arm cannons sent her crashing onto the wall once more. Suddenly, Murazrai appeared beside her and pulled her arms, lifting her upwards.

“Wait…is this supposed to be a handicapped match?”

“No. Just want to tell you that the enemies above this floor would be just as hard as us. Perhaps we should see you sometime later, I guess. We will definitely meet again,” They teleported themselves away. The next battle is just as hard….